GAST – Supporting Art and Artists

Read about GAST – a non-profit foundation with a goal of enabling artists from all over the world to explore new directions in their artistic endeavors.

Exceptional Residencies Promoting Artistic Exploration

GAST is a non-profit foundation with a goal of enabling artists from all over the world to explore new directions in their artistic endeavors. The foundation works in collaboration with an advisory board with expertise across multiple disciplines and offers studios and living space in European cities including Amsterdam, Kassel, Berlin and Antwerp. Through this unique opportunity, GAST creates an ideal environment for artists to experiment, research and grow.

The Residency

Residencies will last up to four months during which the artist will be offered a hotel room, a studio space, meals, and support.

Bespoke Residencies for Maximum

By forging links within the art world GAST enables, encourages and provides time to artists to develop significant new works. GAST responds to each artist’s signature style and creates a motivating and enriching environment that transcends culture, geography and artistic discipline. Every residency is tailor-made considering the unique needs of each artist to achieve maximum potential.


Expanding Horizons

Each project includes the opportunity to collaborate with experts in a variety of fields including music, science, journalism, architecture and history. Artists have these experts at their disposal for consultative purposes throughout their residency with the ultimate aim of providing a comprehensive experience geared for artistic growth. A stimulating environment is created in which the artist can realize specific goals within their artistic projects.

Forging Ties

By forming partnerships with museums and art galleries GAST provides a platform of enrichment for both the artist and the venue in which the exhibition may take place. A residency can be used towards developing an exhibition while also supporting a museum or gallery’s program and development. A strong practice involving community outreach is fostered throughout the residency and artists are encouraged to engage with locals during the project by means of talks or open studios.

GAST will also make a blog section available to artists on their website with the aim of eventually turning the blogs into a book that will detail the various GAST projects.




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