Celebrating Two Decades of Art at the CCA

I’m excited about the KEDEM-KODEM-KADIMA exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Tel Aviv. Learn more about the six ideas behind the exhibition.

The Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) is proud to host a multi-faceted exhibition in celebration of its 20th anniversary From 29 March to 26 May 2018. The opening reception is being held on 29 March at 8pm.

The exhibition will take place at the CCA’s Carmel Market location in Tel Aviv as well as in three additional venues in the city; Born from Rock, The Lobby Art Space, and Idris. This is the first exhibition curated by Nicola Trezzi, the CCA’s new director. The exhibition will include 50 artworks presented by 44 different artists.

Six Ideas

While many ideas are associated with this project, there are six main themes that will be featured throughout the exhibition:

1. In celebration of the CCA’s anniversary, KEDEM-KODEM-KADIMA will feature artists who have previously exhibited works at the organization throughout the years. We can’t wait to welcome artists like Laurent Montaron, Michal Helfman, Arahmainai, Adrian Paci and Ceal Floyer back once again.

Preparing the CCA exhibition -Kedem Kodem Kadima

2. The title of the exhibition KEDEM-KODEM-KADIMA was constructed through a typical Hebrew method in which several words can be built from a single root, but with different meanings. The words mean ‘Ancient, Before, Forward’ and were selected because many works will be created or recreated specifically for the exhibition, and some will even be destroyed.

3. By carefully selecting display spaces based on the works, the exhibition works to bring works of art together in fascinating juxtaposition in accordance with contradictory associations.

4. The exhibition-within-an-exhibition named ‘Department of Rocks and Stones’ symbolizes construction and destruction.

5. By extending the exhibition to three additional spaces, the exhibition is taken beyond its own location, with the CCA functioning as a sun with several surrounding satellites – in accordance with the center’s logo.

6. The sixth idea involves a public program due to start an hour before the exhibition’s opening, and scheduled to continue throughout its duration. The program involves conversations and interviews.

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