My visit to Barcelona: MACBA, Joan Miro Foundation and Antoni Tapies Foundation

From my visit to Barcelona I recommend three wonderful exhibitions: MACBA, Joan Miro Foundation and Antoni Tapies Foundation

As part of my travel to Barcelona, I wish to share with you some of the wonderful exhibitions I got the chance to visit:

1.  MACBA: Beneath the surface

This wonderful exhibition is a collection of MACBA and features artists like:  Félix González-Torres, Latifa Echakhch,  Dora García, Dieter Roth and many more.

The Exhibition is about the ‘The Painterly Surface’ that is not about it’s representational dimension but more about the physical state that has been a field of research since the post-war period.

MAterial experimentation of artists like Antoni Tapies, Jean Dubuffet and Lucio Fontana who cuts holes in his canvases. Exploring the physical limits of itself (Ignasi Aballi) using unusual and poor materials and substances artistically such as everyday objects and food (Robert Rauschenberg, Dieter Roth)



2.  JOAN MIRO FOUNDATION – A center for the study and dissemination of Joan Miro’s work and contemporary art

A foundation created by Miro himself initially with his own work from his private collection with the desire to set up an internationally recognized center in Barcelona for Miro scholarship and contemporary art research and to disseminate the collection.

Joan Miro foundation sculptureJoan Miro statue

3.  Fundació Antoni Tàpies – Letters To Teresa

Fundació Antoni Tàpies building

Excellent exhibition for Antoni’s wife who he met when she was only 11 years old. In 1974, Tapies published a portfolio of 66 lithographs, litno-collages and collages titled ‘Cartes per a la Teresa’ (Letters to Teresa), a romantic correspondence between the two during his stay in Paris in 1950-51. Tapies plays with the double meaning of the word ‘carta’ (letter and card) a written communication and a stack of cards used for illusion tricks and play.
A few years before they met, Teresa had lost her mother and had to take care of her five siblings while looking after her father. in a personal memoir (a work started in 1966 and published 10 years later) Tapies recalls Tresa’s green clear eyes, her fine blond hair, her Slavic cheekbones and appealing lips.

Antoni Tàpies - Letters To Teresa

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