Art Basel Art Fair

Big things are happening in the Hong Kong art scene. Discover why the annual art fair Art Basel is gaining popularity and find out how the artistic landscape of the region is going through a transformation because of this.

Like many art aficionados, I too have been keeping a close watch on Hong Kong lately where top dealers from all over the world have been flocking to in recent years; and this in a place that has thus far been known as one of Asia’s top business-centric cities, and hardly for art. Nonetheless, the art scene there is rapidly expanding, and these dealers are taking advantage of it! If you were lucky enough to visit Hong Kong, you had the opportunity to explore well over 200 galleries showing stunning collections at Hong Kong’s Art Basel,

An Artistic Evolution

Art collectors from every corner of the globe gathered at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre where we explored the massive variety of quality paintings, sculptures, installations, and other works with the prospect of expanding our collections and our knowledge of the industry. There was also ample opportunity for fascinating artistic discussions and meeting interesting people like Pearl Lam, a dealer who is originally from Hong Kong. Lam was blown away by the magnitude of the artistic development the region has undergone. She owns galleries in Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and showed pieces by several top artists like Liu Wentao, Robert Motherwell, and Huang Yuanqing.

Art Basel Hong Kong

A New Layer of Excitement in the Hong Kong Art Scene

Becoming more popular every year, Art Basel is turning Hong Kong into a much sought-after destination for galleries from America and Europe, and a massive insurgence of popular dealers has happened in recent years. Major international players like Tanya Bonakdar and Friedrich Petzel from New York are recent additions to the growing international presence in Hong Kong. But, what is interesting is that non-Asian galleries are limited to occupying only half the available space. Apparently, Art Basel aims to maintain a strong Asian presence. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and to keep a close watch on the expansion of this exciting initiative.

Swan by Jeff Koons

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