Photo London taking place for the 4th year starting from 17-20 May

This is the 4th year Photo London is taking place. This fair was created to give London an international photography event. Photo London is establishing itself as a catalyst for London’s photography community.

The fair will host a selection of the world’s leading galleries alongside a discovery section for the most exciting emerging galleries and artists.

Also, there is an original public programme combining special exhibitions and installations, a Talks programme (curated by William A. Ewing)

This is the place to see some of the most innovative new artists, rare vintage pieces and new work from established masters.


The Hamiltons’ “Lip Bar” at Photo London that replicated Bar Kuro, a small bar located in Shinjuku, Japan. Moriyana knows the place well and is owned by ‘Mama’ (a term in Japan for a female owner). She is an eccentric lady who has an unusual way of treating her costumers – not very politely as you expect but her attitude and unique approach has become a part of the experience and attracts artistic crowd such as film directors novelists and critics. Mama herself is also a contemporary artist and  she organized a local festival in 1999 with other bars called ‘GAW’

I also recommend visiting the young gallery from east London ‘Roman Road’ gallery with great work from Antony Cairns that also presents in the Tate modern and Natalia LL with works from the 60’s.



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