Shade Of Plae Exhibition – The Strand

A selection of 10 inimitable photography series featuring 470 photos by Luca Anzalone, Lorena Lohr, Tom Munro, John Paeson, Frederico Pestilli, Marina Shacola, Elie Tsatsou, Bindi Vora, Marco Walker and Walter and Zoniel. This is not a group show, the photos are not related to one another.

The exhibition takes place the unique monumental space afforded by the 180 Strand building. A shade of pale brings together totally disparate works that can co-exist in the same space but can also be simultaneously independent.

The exhibition focuses on the intricate journey one takes when looking at a series of photographs rather than embracing a linear conceptual conceit between single images.

The space for the exhibition is a building still in the process of construction which gives it it’s tone.

From Tom Munro ’72Tokyo’ exhibition. A fresh and dynamic photographic study of Japanese culture. As it’s name the series was shot over a period of just 72 hours (three days) which gives the images an unbound and truly unique autonomy new to Munro’s better-known oeuvre.


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