My Recomendations for L.A

A list of private galleries, private foundations and important museums in Los Angeles area that I collected during my time there. I highly recommend a visit to one of them.


1. LCMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art

With over 150,000 works from across the globe ranging from pieces that are centuries old to the most contemporary works, LACMA is not only the largest art museum in the west, it is a journey and it is a juxtaposition in material form – and it is certainly worth exploring.

Mark Grotjahn – 50 Kitchens – (20 May to 19 August)

American artist Mark Grotjahn has been composing multi-coloured lines into shapes that resemble butterflies since 2002. His works are bright and bold and radiate energy – the latest prismatic display even more so. The project currently on display at LACMA is named 50 Kitchens and entails several works created to the dimensions of his kitchen wall. With colours like Chartreuse, Tuscan Red, Canary Yellow and Grass Green, the LA-based artist once again brings exuberant colour to an immersive environment on an epic scale.

Dana Sheves - Mark Gotjahn at the LACMA (1)Mark Gotjahn at the LACMA

David Hockney – 82 Portraits and 1 Still Life – (15 April to 29 July)

An intimate and lively (and of course colourful!) take on people who have featured in the artist’s life over the past five decades. Most of the portraits were done in the 80-year old artist’s LA studio and all from life.

Dana Sheves -David Hockney LACMA


2. Hammer Museum

This museum is associated with the UCLA and showcases art of social values. This summer the Hammer presents ‘Made in L.A 2018’ which highlights the practices of artists that are working throughout the city.

Made in L.A 2018 (closes 2 September)

Highlighting artists working in and around the LA area, this exhibition is particularly interesting because it gives art enthusiasts a clear idea of the diversity of art taking place throughout the city. According to their website, the Hammer Museum believes that art and ideas can help build a more just world. Isn’t that something all art lovers would love to hold on to?


3. Geffen Contemporary at MOCA 

MOCA Pacific Design Center features rotating exhibitions of architecture and design. A former police car warehouse renovated by Frank Gehry, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA boasts 40,000 square feet of exhibition space.

Dana Sheves - Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

4. The Getty Center 

This museum has a huge collection of art that includes masterpieces of European painting, sculpture and much more. The building has a unique architecture and beautiful gardens and open spaces, so that is nice to see on its own.


Private Foundations

1.The Broad 

The new LA museum ‘The Broad’ established in 2015 to showcase the private collection of Eli Broad.  It has already the reputation of showcasing some exciting temporary art exhibitions like the recently hosted Yayoi Kusama and Jasper Johns survey. In only 3 years I can say that the Broad has established itself as a L.A icon.

Try not to miss the 2 Yayoni Kusama infinity rooms that are showing now alongside the popular ‘The Souls Of Millions Of Light years Away’, you need to sign up at the front desk and they will text you when they are ready for you to go in the small infinity room on the third floor. For ‘Longing for Eternity’ head upstairs and wait the short line.


2.Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation – Olafur Eliasson – Reality Projector  – at  (May 2017 to August 2018)

Light, space, time and changing perspectives are some of the pertinent elements of this body of work currently shown by the Marciano Art Foundation. The foundation’s contemporary art collection consists of around 1,500 pieces collected by its co-founders Maurice and Paul Marciano. This particular installation (Reality Projector) is some of the eminent Icelandic/Danish artist Olafur Eliasson’s most thought-provoking works. Eliasson uses projected light and architecture to create a dynamic play of shadows coupled with disquieting sounds that include eerie footsteps and even an unsettling, loud boom. Visitors are encouraged to get comfortable by sitting or lying on the floor, to fully experience the work, and to draw their own conclusions. For me, this is a highly intimate and personalized art journey, which is one of the things I love about art and exploring shows.

3. Frederick R Weisman Art Foundation

THE FREDERICK R. WEISMAN ART FOUNDATION is dedicated to continuing the legacy and vision of Frederick R. Weisman, an extraordinary entrepreneur, philanthropist, and art collector. He held an uncompromising belief in the cultural value of art and understood the importance of both the individual artist and creative process.

Dana Sheves - Frederick R Weisman Art Foundation

4. The Mistake Room

A mix of alternative art space and special exhibition projects. Their program is a rotation of different structures, duration and thematic focused curations. The Mistake Room approach is to allow dreams and needs for collaborators not just to imagine new ways to express contemporary art, but also in how they are produced. It was established in 2014 and operated in a renovated industrial warehouse.

Oscar Murillo - The mistake room exhibition
Oscar Murillo – from the Mistake Room exhibition


Private Galleries


1. Will Boone at David Kordansky

David’s gallery presents the ‘Garbage’ exhibition, it’s first solo project by Will Boone who draws his inspiration from a mix of cultural and subcultural sources and creates appropriation-based projects that deal with the deep archetypes in the American culture.

Tørbjørn Rødland at David

Rødland (Norway, b. 1970) presents an exhibition in large-scale color photos and videos titled ‘Backlit Rainbow.’ He is known for mixing his everyday scenes with an otherworldly scent.

Young Il Hanh – Unexpected Light – (25 February to 22 July)

Consistently inspired by water for over 16 years of his career after he nearly drowned in the ocean, this Korean-American artist has finally shifted his style – this time to complete abstraction. This is also his first introduction to LACMA.
LACMA is not Your Only Art Destination This Year
Also on Wilshire Boulevard in LA, these shows are also showing significant promise and I would highly recommend visiting both.

2. Huntington Library  – Art Collections & Botanical Gardens

A lot to see here from the underground museum which is an alternative art space founded by the recently deceased painter Noah Davis (1983-2015). It features a series of exhibitions, taken from MOCA’s permanent collection and placing important work in a working-class neighborhood at the heart of L.A

Current exhibitions: Mimi Lauter at Blum & Poe

Mimi is an American LA bases artist that is best known for her work on paper. Her pieces are dense with color and drama, bringing landscapes and forms while remaining abstract

Danna Sheves - Mimi Lauter at Blum and Poe


3. Spruth Magers gallery LA 

Sprüth Magers has expanded from its roots in Cologne (Germany) to become an international gallery dedicated to exhibiting the very best in groundbreaking modern and contemporary art.

Stephen Prina  (May 12 – August 11)

The artist and musician have moved between painting, sculpture, photography, installation and conceptual practices since the late 70’s. His projects mine art historical references, personal biography, musical compositions and institutional and cultural histories which he spins into bodies of work that function as a complex network of objects and information. The artists will also present a public performance at the gallery on Saturday, July 14 at 7pm.

Stephen Prima

4.  Ed Ruscha at Honor Fraser (closes 18 August)

With a 6 decade career, Ruscha shaped the way we see American scenery. His work captures the vastness of the country and the texts that comes along, embodies a certain type of wry American humor.

This exhibition brings together a very special collection of works by the artist James Turrell, one of the most celebrated and innovative light artist.

5. Gagosian Gallery

Owned by Larry Gagosian who opened his first art gallery in Los Angeles in the 80’s, specializing in modern and contemporary art. After around 5 years, he expanded his activity to New York with his first Chelsea gallery with a pop art exhibition by Emily and Burton Tremaine. He is one of the most influencing gallerists in the Art world.

Gagosian’s vibrant contemporary program features the work of leading international artists including Georg Baselitz, Ellen Gallagher, Andreas Gursky, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Anselm Kiefer, Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, Taryn Simon, Rachel Whiteread, and many others.

here are 16 gallery spaces: five in New York; three in London; two in Paris; one each in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Rome, Athens, Geneva and Hong Kong.

The L.A gallery is located on Beverly Hills 456 North Camden Drive.

6.Matthew Marks – Reena Spaulings  (closes 30 June)

A two galleries space, Marks presents exhibitions of the work of Reena Spaulings. There are many artists who publish their work under the name Reena Spaulings. There are two kinds of work that stand out: painting on canvas and walk-through security gates that are located in the middle of the artwork like a minimalist sculpture.

Reena-Spaulings at Matthew Marks

7.Regen Projects – Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter (American, b. 1948) is a photographer and video artist whose uncanny close-ups of human facial features are immediately recognizable. Recently, her video ‘Green Pink Caviar’ was exhibited in the lobby at MoMA in New York for over a year


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