Shade Of Plae Exhibition – The Strand

A selection of 10 inimitable photography series featuring 470 photos by Luca Anzalone, Lorena Lohr, Tom Munro, John Paeson, Frederico Pestilli, Marina Shacola, Elie Tsatsou, Bindi Vora, Marco Walker and Walter and Zoniel. This is not a group show, the photos are not related to one another. The exhibition takes place the unique monumental space [...]

KATHARINA GROSSE – Gagosian Gallery May 16- July 27

I visited Katharina Grosse exhibition at the Gagosian Gallary and it is wonderful. There is no boundary between reality and imagination. To imagine is to realize. My pictures are prototypes of this recognition; they try out—and dramatically compress—the characteristics of reality. I build prototypes of the imagination so that they can be reenacted and applied [...]

Intimate dinner just before the opening of the CCA’s KODEM KEDEM KADIMA exhibition

I was honored to host the opening of the CCA's new exhibition 'KEDEM KODEM KADIMA' and celebrate it's 20 years anniversary at my home. Some pictures from the opening event of KEDEM- KODEM -KADIMA curated by the CCA’s new director: Nicola Trezzi replacing Sergio Edelsztein. Below some of the wonderful artists that came to the [...]